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9YOU (www.9you.com)

Description: 9you (www.9you.com) is China's leading game developer / operator of Interactive Entertainment Community V2.0 and the appointed operator of 2010 Shanghai World Expo online community games.
 9you took the lead in achieving integration of many new online features in this era such as music and dance simulation games, sports simulation games, simulation racing simulation games, fighting games action simulation, racing simulation game, multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), virtual training, community-created contents sharing , commercial business, social networking, blogging and other web services into a brand new platform named Interactive Entertainment Community Lifestyle V2.0 (Interactive Community 2.0).

 This was created with the aim for Chinese around the world to enjoy a premium high quality one-stop interactive entertainment service.

 Since its establishment, 9you has adapted a unified account business model allowing it's customers to enjoy the experience of "SAME"(Single Account, Multiple E-contents) & "FEEL" (First Experience, Expense Later) operation mode. This business model has gain immerse popularity ever since.

 9you also break new grounds through multiple major marketing activities recently such as sponsoring popular reality show "Let’s Shake It" and investing in TV series "Dancer" written by renowned author, Mr. Hai Yan. Its in-house developed MMOG "Super Dancer Online" has been licensed out for operations in over 42 overseas territories.

 The total 9you subscribers as of end of Feb '09 is over 380 million with a record holding million concurrent users online at the same time! The official website "www.9you.com" is one of the highest traffic online game portals in mainland China.

Location: China
City: 虹口区,
Address: 高阳路109号外滩壹零久
Postal code: 200080

Legal form: Privately Held

Year of Funding: 2003

Nr of employees: 201-500 employees


Activities: Massively Multiplayer Online Casual Games, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, 3D Virtual Lifestyle Community

Industry: Computer Games

9YOU (www.9you.com) Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Dray Chou Development Manager Yes unavailable
Desmond Chua Deputy Director Yes unavailable
Richard Mai Chief Financial Officer Yes unavailable
Stephen Sun Legal Counsel Yes unavailable
Yuki Zhang overseas specialist Yes unavailable
Roger Zhu, CICPA, CTA Senior Accountant Yes unavailable
angie zhang Administrator Yes unavailable
Yi Gu COO Yes unavailable
晔 肖 HR Yes unavailable
杰 孙 游戏制作人 Yes unavailable

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