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Description: What would a day in the life of a cabinetmaker, an electrician, or a 3D designer be like? Would that be the occupation for me? Since 1999, Academos has been helping young people answer these questions by means of e-mentoring.

Every year, more than 42,000 students can log on to, a secure Web site, and get information and guidance on their career choices from some 2,650 volunteer e-mentors.

By developing a unique relationship with young people and by telling them about their own professional experience, e-mentors demystify the working world by providing concrete examples, and thereby help students in their choices.

More than 250 secondary schools and 12 Cegeps used the service during the past school year.

Legal form: Nonprofit

Year of Funding: 1999

Nr of employees: 11-50 employees


Activities: cybermentorat, orientation professionnelle, mentorat, e-mentoring, mentoring

Industry: E-Learning

Academos Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Guillaume Brunet Membre du conseil d'administration Yes unavailable
Jérémy Piché-Bisson Cybermentor Yes unavailable
Catherine Légaré Présidente-Fondatrice Yes unavailable
Michèle Cyr Lemieux Conseillère principale en philanthropie, commandites et événements Yes unavailable
Maxim Garant-Rousseau Growth hacker / Spécialiste en acquisition d'usager Yes unavailable
Gabrielle-Anne Thibault Conseillère principale aux mentors Yes unavailable
Alexandra Michaud Freelance Blogger Yes unavailable
Anne-Marie Lefebvre c.o. Agente de développement Yes unavailable
Guillaume Saloin Chef des stratégies Web et marketing Yes unavailable
Marie-Pier Perron Mentor Yes unavailable