APAC-Tennessee, Inc.

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APAC-Tennessee, Inc.

Description: APAC-Tennessee has a long history of running an integrated business that includes aggregates, asphalt (product and paving), concrete paving and construction services. Running these different businesses as one is very challenging and takes a unique team with knowledge and capabilities that are built over time through experience - all of which are difficult to replicate. Fortunately we at APAC-Tennessee have significant experience operating as an intigrated company and are second to none in this regard.

Being an industry leader in high quality asphalt and concrete pavement construction, materials and services. Just as we build highways and roads, we've built our company's success upon dependability and results, with SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS.

Legal form: Privately Held

Nr of employees: 201-500 employees


Industry: Construction

APAC-Tennessee, Inc. Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Kal Kincaid Division President at APAC-Texas, Inc. Yes unavailable
Jeff Saunders Project Manager / Estimator at APAC-Atlantic, Inc. Yes unavailable
Shawn Riley Vice President -Roadway Construction Yes unavailable
Randy Hattesohl Branch Manager Yes unavailable
James Darnell IT Feild Services APAC / Oldcastle Materials Group Yes unavailable
Jerry Douell . Yes unavailable
Jacob Trim Construction Controller Yes unavailable
Philip Rodgers Project Estimator Yes unavailable
Edward Rains Operations Manager Yes unavailable
Bruce Loesch Engineering Executive in Construction Yes unavailable