ARPA Emilia Romagna

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Company Information

ARPA Emilia Romagna

Description: Italian EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, Emilia Romagna Region

Location: Italy
Postal code: 40138

Legal form: Government Agency

Nr of employees: 501-1000 employees


Industry: Environmental Services

ARPA Emilia Romagna Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Vera Arabino Web Editor - Social media manager at ARPA Emilia Romagna Yes unavailable
Giulia Tommaso Statistico Yes unavailable
Carlotta Semproni Tecnico monitoraggio acque Yes unavailable
Daniela Raffaelli Giornalista redattore, rivista Ecoscienza Yes unavailable
MASSIMO BALESTRI Quadro Yes unavailable
Giovanni Bonafe' senior professional Yes unavailable
Federica Parmagnani Collaborazione Yes unavailable
Cinzia Alessandrini Hydrological monitoring and projects management Yes unavailable
Matteo Tiberti Physicist Yes unavailable
Elisa Bonazzi Project manager. Researcher in environmental economics Yes unavailable

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