Brandeis Hillel Day School

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Brandeis Hillel Day School

Description: Brandeis Hillel Day School (BHDS) is an independent co-educational school for students in grades K-8 on two campuses - San Francisco and San Rafael (Marin County). Our mission is to serve the Jewish community by providing children with an outstanding academic program in general and Judaic studies within a dynamic and diverse Jewish cultural environment.

We offer a rich, integrated and challenging curriculum combining general and Judaic studies. By setting high standards, paying attention to individual needs and learning styles and creating a culture that offers a lifelong career for exceptional teachers, we prepare children to thrive in challenging high school environments.

Over 95 percent of all our graduates are consistently accepted into their top choice high schools, and our research indicates that high schools welcome BHDS graduates not only for their academic strength but also for their sense of community involvement and activism.

We nurture children in a way that imbues them with our core values, particularly values of moral courage, ethical behavior, kindness and civic commitment; this foundation sets BHDS apart from other school communities.

We welcome to our warm, caring and respectful environment children and families with a broad range of experiences and orientations toward Jewish life.

Location: United States
City: San Francisco,
Address: 655 Brotherhood Way
Postal code: 94132

Legal form: Educational Institution

Year of Funding: 1963

Nr of employees: 51-200 employees


Industry: Primary/Secondary Education

Brandeis Hillel Day School Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Samantha Zadikoff 7th Grade Judaic Studies Instructor, 7th Grade Advisor Yes unavailable
Karen Gordon Yes unavailable
Pamela Welner Director of Admission and Outreach Yes unavailable
Shannon Gutierrez Yes unavailable
Alison Frank Bowen Yes unavailable
Rachel Freeman Yes unavailable
Mairin McCarthy Weiner, LCSW, PPSC Yes unavailable
Hillel Scop 6th Grade Judiac Studies Teacher Yes unavailable
Jodye Friedman Director of Advancement Yes unavailable
Ariel Timmons Yes unavailable

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