Centerstone Research Institute (CRI)

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Centerstone Research Institute (CRI)

Description: The Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) is a not-for-profit organization which exists to improve the quality and effectiveness of care for individuals and families facing behavioral health disorders. Research shows an alarming 13–17 year delay between significant treatment breakthroughs and the standard use of those treatments in clinical settings. This means that a young person diagnosed with depression may have to struggle for 15 years before receiving optimal treatment already known today. CRI aims to bridge this gap between science and service, so the 33 million Americans seeking help for behavioral health disorders receive the most effective care without delay.

Through its work, CRI’s vision is to create a future where all individuals and families facing behavioral health disorders receive exceptional care grounded in mental and physical whole-person wellness. The team at CRI pursues this through the acceleration of research, technology, and clinical innovation, balancing technology with humanity to enhance the quality of care while enriching the patient experience. In fiscal year 2013, CRI’s clinical research office facilitated 19 ongoing and 11 new studies that involved 4,473 study participants. Research projects conducted at Centerstone clinics/sites involved 27 investigators located at 18 institutions including Indiana, Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Northwestern universities.

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Location: United States
City: Nashville,
Address: 44 Vantage Way, Suite 280
Postal code: 37228

Legal form: Nonprofit

Nr of employees: 51-200 employees


Activities: Research, Evaluation, and Implementation, Analytics, Information Technology for Mental Health Organizations

Industry: Research

Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Prasad Kodali Vice President, Information Technology Yes unavailable
Jonathan Morphett Member Board of Directors Yes unavailable
Casey Bennett Data Scientist Yes unavailable
Tom Doub CEO Yes unavailable
Brad Bills Director of Application Development Yes unavailable
Jason Luellen Senior Fellow Yes unavailable
Trenay Bynum, MSP Research Communications Manager Yes unavailable
Brian Overton Director, Project Management Office Yes unavailable
Karen Keene IT Security Officer Yes unavailable
April Bragg Vice President for Research Advancement Yes unavailable

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