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CG Commercial Finance


About CG Commercial Finance

CG Commercial Finance is a domestic and international financier of equipment and industrial projects related to the growth, expansion, and efficiency initiatives of large corporations. CGCF delivers highly customized lease and financing solutions to meet complex operational, accounting, tax, and treasury requirements. Projects typically range from $1MM to $300MM in cost and include diverse assets such as transportation (titled vehicles, air, rail, and marine), industrial plants (manufacturing, food processing, assembly, etc.), distribution centers, material handling, mining, energy, and technology assets.

Legal form: Privately Held

Nr of employees: 51-200 employees


Activities: Capital Equipment Financing, Software Leasing, Structured Project Financing, Debt Financing

Industry: Financial Services

CG Commercial Finance Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Tobin Junowich Vice President Sales Operations Yes unavailable
Bruce Follese Senior Finance Executive Yes unavailable
Scott McCullum Yes unavailable
Jon Albin Chief Operating Officer Yes unavailable
Jill Miller - MBA, Marketing and Web Design Marketing Director Yes unavailable
Kyle Crawford Texas Regional Manager Yes unavailable
Robert C. Davis EVP & Director Yes unavailable
William Dalton VP, Credit, Syndication and Fulfillment Yes unavailable
Michael Nunez Yes unavailable
Kevin Adkins Yes unavailable