Coifer Impex SRL

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Company Information

Coifer Impex SRL

Description: One of the biggest contractors in Romania, and for sure the biggest steel structures producerin Romania

Location: Romania

Legal form: Privately Held

Nr of employees: 201-500 employees


Industry: Construction

Coifer Impex SRL Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Catalina Verdes Office Manager Yes unavailable
MIHAELA MARE agent contractari Yes unavailable
Gliga Andrei Director fabrica ( sef atelier in constructii) Yes unavailable
Coeur Blanc sécrétaire Yes unavailable
Daniela Marin Purchasing & Logistics Manager Yes unavailable
Gabriel Ionescu Civil Construction Engineer at Coifer Impex Yes unavailable
ana ursu economist Yes unavailable
IGNAT GABRIELA OANA Chief accountant Yes unavailable
Andreea Marinica engineer Yes unavailable
Andreea Marinica Engineer - Commercial Department Yes unavailable

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