Gloria Jeans

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Gloria Jeans

Description: Gloria Jeans strives to be Russia’s most customer-centric fashion company where people can find latest fashion apparel, footwear and accessories for all ages. By giving customers what they want – low prices, vast selection and convenience – Gloria Jeans continues to grow and evolve as a world-class retail platform.

Founded by Vladimir Melnikov in 1988, to make Jeans available at “value for money” to all Russians, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world. We are fast approaching build out of 600 stores in across all time zones of Russia and Ukraine and are recognized as #1 retail brand in the Russian market.

We bring the latest in fashion to our customers as a result of having design and merchandizing centers in Italy, USA, Brazil, Korea, China, Japan and Russia. According to McKinsey & Company, we are the fastest growing retailer in the world! The world’s brightest minds come to Gloria Jeans Company to develop our retail platform to meet the needs of our customers.

Location: Russian Federation
City: Rostov-on-Don,
Address: 184 Stachki Str.
Postal code: 344090

Legal form: Privately Held

Year of Funding: 1988

Nr of employees: 10,001+ employees


Activities: Retail, Operations, Manufacturing, Technology, Internet

Industry: Retail

Gloria Jeans Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Nancy Marino EVP/Chief Supply Chain Officer at Gloria Jeans Yes unavailable
Marcello Pace CEO Yes unavailable
Peter Koys Sourcing Director Yes unavailable
Maria Ostrovskaya Acting President Yes unavailable
Vladimir Melnikov Owner Yes unavailable
Svetlana Karnauh HR Director Yes unavailable
Alexander Borisov VP for Economy and Planning Yes unavailable
Vlad GOLOVKIN SVP Retail Yes unavailable
Bulatova Lilia (Була Валентиновна) CMO Gloria Jeans Yes unavailable
Denis Stenko Vice-President of Real Estate in Gloria Jeans Yes unavailable

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