Manolis Nymark Consulting

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Manolis Nymark Consulting

Description: Manolis Nymark Consulting AB provides legal advice for central and local government authorities and businesses in Sweden. We have solid experience of the Swedish public sector and offer cutting-edge expertise within the care services. We also have sound knowledge of the police and military services.

We believe that our legal advice will add business value, provide legal security and aid the realisation of business concepts by identifying and reducing legal risks. This may involve anything from new cloud services, Apps or other e-services and products. If a legal audit is conducted at an early stage this can form a platform for your future business development in Sweden and be a good aid for creating optimum solutions, involving as little legal risk as possible and providing high market value.

Our audit of a service or product results in a documented legal risk analysis including recommendations on how to reduce or avoid any legal risks. The documentation is also evidence that your 'homework' has been done concerning business relationships or in the event of inspections by a Swedish compliance authorities.

Our range of services includes:
• Legal risk analyses of e-services, Apps and innovations
• Audit of personal data processing within organisations (private/public)
• Legal advice within medical and social law
• Drawing up contracts
• Advice within strategic information security
• Training in the Swedish Personal Data Act, Patient Data Act, public access to information and secrecy, medical law, etc.

We can also undertake major projects and audits if called on. The company collaborates with company law offices and other legal expertise to ensure we can offer complete comprehensive solutions.

Location: Sweden
City: Enköping,
Address: Svinnegarn haga 19
Postal code: 745 93

Legal form: Public Company

Year of Funding: 2014

Nr of employees: 1-10 employees


Activities: forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry, forensic toxicology and forensic genetics

Industry: Legal Services

Manolis Nymark Consulting Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Joakim Sturup Forensic Social Investigator, PhD & Research Coordinator Yes unavailable
Manólis Nymark Chief Executive, consultant at Manolis Nymark Consulting Yes unavailable
Fredrik Kugelberg Deputy Head of Department Yes unavailable
Kristina Sygel Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist Yes unavailable
Olof Svensson Yes unavailable
Robert Kronstrand Associate Professor Yes unavailable
Enikö Blixt Biomedicinsk analytiker Yes unavailable
martin csatlos Forensic Pathologist Yes unavailable
Elli Tyrkkö Toxicologist Yes unavailable
Fredrik Tamsen Läkare Yes unavailable

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