Plasson Livestock Division

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Plasson Livestock Division

Description: Plasson , a world-leading manufacturer of Poultry Systems, has been setting the industry standard for 50 years.

The full range of Plasson's top quality products offers professional solutions for every need.

We had humble beginnings: in 1964 a far-sighted group of agriculturalists decided that as farming was becoming more dependent on technology, we should modernize and enhance our own labor methods.

Industry would supply the answer. We decided to use our own knowledge and experience to produce advanced agricultural equipment by injection molding, and we called our enterprise Plasson.

The first products were transportation cages and drinkers for poultry. Later, we developed a range of plastic fittings for plastic pipes. Today, Plasson fittings are used in municipal water systems, industry, gas conveyance, mining, telecommunications, agriculture and landscape.

Since those early days Plasson has grown, innovated, and built up a world-wide network of distributors.

The founders' commitment to quality, fair dealing and respect for the customers' views is the secret of Plasson's success today.

The Plasson team works consistently to keep its reputation as a market leader, not only in quality but also in the variety of its products. We take pride in being able to supply most of the market's demands immediately.

From the beginning, Plasson promised to take the lead in offering a reliable sales and marketing network. Plasson now has wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Australia, the U.K , Poland, the United States and Brazil. Selected distributorships and agencies have been set up in key locations worldwide to give fast efficient service.

Plasson holds stocks near key markets. This focus on logistics brings customers back - they know they can get the best product in place and on time.

Professional technical and sales people instruct engineers and installers in the attributes, uses and installation of Plasson products.

Location: Israel
City: DN Menashe,
Address: Maagan Michael
Postal code: 37805

Legal form: Public Company

Year of Funding: 1964

Nr of employees: 501-1000 employees


Activities: Global Presence - Local Comitment

Industry: Plastics

Plasson Livestock Division Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Ricardo (Caco) Gilead Baibich Yes unavailable
Jaqueline Cittadin Bitencourt Coordenadora de RH Yes unavailable
Oded Katz CTO Yes unavailable
Edi Kunin Yes unavailable
Peter Romancini Product Development Manager Yes unavailable
Bennie Hirsch Poultry Division Manager Yes unavailable
Ismael Marchesini Analista de Engenharia do Produto Yes unavailable
Miki Shahaf Business Development manager Yes unavailable
Paolo Pasquale Sales & Marketing Director Yes unavailable
Daniel Andaluz Zootecnista Yes unavailable

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