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Description: PostEurop is your link to Postal Expertise.
It is the association which represents European public postal operators. It is committed to supporting and developing a sustainable European postal communication market accessible to all customers and ensuring a modern and affordable universal service.

Its vast network of postal expertise meet on a regular basis to engage in various topics pertinent to the postal industry.

PostEurop is also an officially recognised Restricted Union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It is governed by a Management Board, which is responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of the Association’s strategy at operational level.

Location: Belgium
City: Brussels,
Address: Boulevard Brand Whitlock 114
Postal code: 1200

Legal form: Nonprofit

Year of Funding: 1993

Nr of employees: 11-50 employees


Activities: Postal Network Expertise in European Regulatory Affairs, Postal Operations and QoS, Social Affairs, Environmental, Environmental and Sustainable Posts, Protecting and Growing Postal Market, European Projects (Postal)

Industry: Consumer Services

PostEurop Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
João Manuel Melo PostEurop/OAC/AESForum's Chairman Yes unavailable
Dirk Tirez Member of the Board of Directors Yes unavailable
Jean Paul Forceville Président du conseil d'administration Yes unavailable
Ciprian Bolos Yes unavailable
Cynthia Wee Neumann Communications Manager Yes unavailable
Athina Georgiou Strategy and Regulatory Support Yes unavailable
Antonino Scribellito Senior Project Manager Yes unavailable
Botond Szebeny Secretary General Yes unavailable
Jurgen Lohmeyer Yes unavailable
Jan Sertons Member of the Management Board Yes unavailable