S.A.P.Automations (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Information

S.A.P.Automations (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Description: S.A.P. Automations Provide Complete ZNEB Strategies
SUSTAINABLE DESIGN - Enveloping / Insulation / Thermal Bridge Free Design / Permaculture
+ ACTIVE CONTROLS- BUS Topology / KNX / BACnet BMS & 3rdParty Integrations
+ BUILDING INTEGRATED RENEWABLES- Geothermal / Solar Glass & Canopy / Micro WInd / Hydrogen Fuel Cell

A Truly Glocal Company

Location: India
City: New Delhi,
Address: E 153 First Floor
Postal code: 110019

Legal form: Privately Held

Year of Funding: 2008

Nr of employees: 1-10 employees


Activities: Energy Savings, Latesh Technologies, Cutting Edge Capabilities, Glocal

Industry: Architecture & Planning

S.A.P.Automations (India) Pvt. Ltd. Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Padmakar Tripathi Tripathipadmakar654 project Yes unavailable
seffi horen accountant Yes unavailable
Nick Gibson GM Yes unavailable
Harender Kumar Associate Yes unavailable
Rajan Nat Principal Yes unavailable
Einat Hershtik manager Yes unavailable
swami swami Sr.PM Yes unavailable
Sonam Nyenda Project Engineer Yes unavailable
Prashant Sharma helicopter engineer Yes unavailable
daniel kau admin clerk Yes unavailable