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Self Made USA

Description: Self Made USA delivers personal development and environmentally focused products to market.

Self Made USA knows the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America. Using direct sales and Internet business models, we help people capitalize on The American Dream.

Self Made USA preaches what we practice. We own and operate several flourishing businesses – built from the ground up. Now that our “business benefactors” are in place, we can share our experiences, systems, and techniques with others to help ensure their success.

Personal and business growth opportunities abound in depressed economic cycles; Self Made USA is at the forefront of this “change or die” paradigm.

Our Benefactors:

Optimize For Life (, delivering integrated online time and relationship management solutions providing clarity to both large corporations and families trying to maximize their time together.

EnviroClean Fuel Systems (, supporting our new green economy by delivering patented bio-friendly oil and gas additives in addition to household and industrial lubricants.

EX-Factor Training Suite (, providing a revolutionary, anonymous online social networking and coaching platform featuring the copyrighted iPOC method.

EX-Factor USA Social Network (, Self Made USA is developing, a uniquely anonymous online social network. Just look for the blue EX symbol since it signifies an online social network with a purpose.

Location: United States
Postal code: 93012

Legal form: Privately Held

Year of Funding: 1990

Nr of employees: 1-10 employees


Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

Self Made USA Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
mark stemmer no title Yes unavailable
florence yakkey Fashion designer Yes unavailable
Charles Davis Entrepreneur Yes unavailable
Janine Grimaldi Raise Awareness/Sales etc Yes unavailable
King Ant King Ant Yes unavailable
Margie Gillis Retired Yes unavailable
Myra MOM Shaw retired Yes unavailable
philip green civil engineer Yes unavailable
Marie Neilsen Fashion designer Yes unavailable
Koketso Kekesi Transport Trucking Yes unavailable

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