Sinton Dairy Foods

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Company Information

Sinton Dairy Foods

Description: Sinton Dairy was founded in Colorado Springs in 1880.

Location: United States
Postal code: 80907

Legal form: Partnership

Nr of employees: 201-500 employees


Industry: Dairy

Sinton Dairy Foods Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Mike Maloney Plant Manager at Sinton Dairy Yes unavailable
Bill Keating Operations Manager Yes unavailable
Michael Maloney Production Manager Yes unavailable
Matt Conner General Manager Yes unavailable
Roland Richardson Filler/Un-loader Yes unavailable
Karl Konrad Yes unavailable
Jeff Janssen Shipping Manager at Sinton Dairy Yes unavailable
Scott Lewis General Sales Manager Yes unavailable
Jorge Hardy supervisor Yes unavailable
Dennis and Tamra O'Leary truck driver Yes unavailable

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