Totaltek AS

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Company Information

Totaltek AS

Description: a

Location: Norway

Legal form: Privately Held

Nr of employees: 201-500 employees


Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Totaltek AS Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Knut Inngjerdingen Divisjonsdirektør og Prosjektleder store næringsbygg Yes unavailable
Lasse Sjøvik Yes unavailable
John Jensen Daglig leder i Totaltek Trøndelag AS Yes unavailable
Bjørn Arve Olsen Yes unavailable
Trond Nordli Prosjektleder Yes unavailable
Espen Aarstad CFO Yes unavailable
Finn Nilsen HR Direktør Yes unavailable
Nikolai Svendsen Elektriker Yes unavailable
Espen Stovnmo Prosjektleder Yes unavailable
Martin Leeber Lohne montør Yes unavailable

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