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Description: VASTech is recognized internationally as a leading-edge innovator and preferred independent global supplier of telecommunications solutions to national governments and the law enforcement community.

Our solutions are currently implemented around the world.

Our engineering capabilities are internationally recognised. We offer sophisticated hardware and software telecommunications solutions to national governments and the law enforcement community, that are not under any sanctions, in the fight against cross-border and international crime

Total Unified Solution

VASTech offers a total, unified solution to national governments and the law enforcement community, that allows for the capture and analysis of signals from diverse areas such as satellite, RF, optic fibre and mobile networks.

Crucial Tasks

By supporting the intelligence cycle of an agency, VASTech can assist in crucial tasks for example early warning detection of threats, communication anomalies and specific target tracking.

Complete Communications

VASTech’s massive passive solutions provide complete communications cover for satellite, mobile and terrestrial monitoring for national, regional and transnational intelligence.

Innovative Applications

Innovative applications provide the ability to go back in time to investigate relationships, listen to calls and see communications content, including activities of previously unidentified subjects. New terrorist activities can be identified and intelligence extracted from previous communications.

VASTech offers supplementary turnkey services in terms of system engineering, project management, RF front-end and antenna management integration, as well as implementation.

Drawing on 16 year’s global experience, all VASTech’s products are fully supported and enhanced with extensive training.

Location: South Africa

Legal form: Privately Held

Year of Funding: 1999

Nr of employees: 51-200 employees


Activities: Telecommunication, Big Data

Industry: Telecommunications

VASTech Contacts

Name Position Experience Current position Contact informations
Chris Boshoff Product Manager Yes unavailable
John Gilmore Software Engineering Manager Yes unavailable
Bertram Broberg Human Resources Officer Yes unavailable
Walter Schulze Programmer Yes unavailable
Marcel Basson Yes unavailable
Taiani Lange MIS Analyst Yes unavailable
Nico De Wet Yes unavailable
Roland Jones Sales and Marketing Manager Yes unavailable
Leon Labuschagne Marketing Manager Yes unavailable
John Ritchie Systems Engineer Yes unavailable

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