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Full name: Greg Meyer

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Summary: I'v always been interested in all things computers. My first job was as an IT technician dealing with hardware and software troubleshooting and later moved onto being a support consultant for Retail software used in large supermarkets. This is when i discovered my love for SEO. I started off building my own websites and promoting them using black hat techniques, essentially fighting and trying to beat Google's algorithm and after months of trial and error I finally saw the light. I officially started my SEO career working for a travel company in Cape Town and worked primarily on all things technical and this is were my love for troubleshooting and problem solving merged with my interest in SEO. This developed into me being positioned as "SEO strategist" as I would create and implement campaigns specific to achieving goals set out by the CEO and making sure the website was in Good standing with Google at all times. I was head hunted in Early 2013 and started working for RT7 Digital. My knowledge expanded vastly as I was put into a position of "head of SEO" and I now strategies campaigns for a range of clients in different industries from water coolers to party supplies. In summary, I am technically minded, I love finding solutions to problems and enjoy all things digital.

Greg Meyer's Experience


September 2013 - Present (2 years 2 months) Current position
Position: SEO Analyst

Discover Africa Group

March 2011 - August 2013 (2 years 5 months) Resigned
Position: SEO and Outreach Coordinator