Hannes Geldenhuys

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Person Information

Full name: Hannes Geldenhuys

Twitter link: hannesgeld,

Linkedin link: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/hannes-geldenhuys/0/8b7/59

Summary: Hannes Geldenhuys is the founder and CEO of Hubble Studios, a leading South African e-learning company based in Cape Town. Hannes'​ core skills are in e-learning consulting, organisational development and IT service delivery, and he counts his experience across the education, financial and telecommunications sectors. Hannes first joined a company management team at age 25. In this capacity he helped Open Box Software triple in size over four years, establishing it as a top recruiter of IT professionals in South Africa. He then moved on to the telecommunications industry, where he worked to set up ITSM operations, implement data-warehousing projects, and provide expert on-site consulting to mobile-operators throughout Africa. Hannes'​ first experience with e-learning came in 2004, when he used open-source technology to create a real-time, interactive, virtual classroom, hosted on a custom learning management system, years before that technology had become the norm. This left him with a strong interest in the burgeoning e-learning industry and the opportunities it presented for organisational growth, which he followed with interest over the next few years. Seeing an opportunity to merge two areas of interest, Hannes founded Hubble Studios in 2012, in partnership with Sam and Rob Paddock, founders themselves of premier online education company, GetSmarter. Today Hubble Studios is a full-service partner for e-learning solutions, that has grown from an idea to a team of 26 people within three years. Hannes is intent on focusing on initiatives that contribute to South Africa's economy, and along with managing Hubble Studios, he actively participates in small-business mentoring through the Shanduka Black Umbrellas incubator programme. He believes that learning, expressed through technology, has an incredible ability to make a meaningful impact for people, and is always on the lookout for more opportunities that speak to this belief.

Hannes Geldenhuys's Experience

Hubble Studios

November 2012 - Present (3 years) Current position
Position: Founder and CEO

Shanduka Black Umbrellas

January 2014 - Present (1 year 10 months) Current position
Position: Business Mentor


November 2012 - May 2014 (1 year 6 months) Resigned
Position: Business Solutions Director

4C Group

January 2011 - October 2012 (1 year 9 months) Resigned
Position: Operations Manager

Open Box Software

March 2007 - December 2010 (3 years 9 months) Resigned
Position: Chief Human Resources Officer and Operations Manager

Open Box Software

March 2005 - February 2007 (1 year 11 months) Resigned
Position: Software Developer